I ran into a friend ‘Julian King’ on Thursday downtown Toronto> Julian informed me that he had just published a book titled Jack, Three finger Jack, the spirit of Jamaica. It’s a story based on the folklore surrounding the slave Three Finger Jack. By the way, Julian is the grandson of one of Kingston’s most noted mayors, ‘Iris King’



Hi!, I’m Ken (Bibi) Maye. This is a work in progress that I decided to start just after the new year. I was in Jamaica for a month ending on December 21st and heard rumors of a Rollington Town get-together to be held sometime around Easter and realized that Rollington Town does not have it’s own Net Identity. Well here it is !.
I have always missed the ‘official’ NY Labour Day festivities but am commited to attend the one in Kingston if it happens. I live in Toronto and as such is in touch with quite a few Rollington Towners not just in Toronto but all over the continent.
As noted above this is a work in progress, or let’s just say the beginning of a long journey, my intentions are to make this site a central place for all Towners to visit, meet, collaborate, re-connect, discover…etc.
The ‘Town’ has so much history, has produced so many great people that we now need to let the rest of the world know – ‘Time to Brag’
The site will be in a state of flux for awhile, anyone who has any ideas, suggestions, pictures.. anything at all please contact me at –
1 Love, Bibi

Rollington Town, Kingston Jamaica